Store(s) – Users – Access rights – Brand – Taxes – Variations – Features

  • Establishing the brand identity of your stores and e-commerce sites.

  • Creating users and profiles.

  • Managing access rights. For example, monitoring the connection of authorized users and module access by profile.

  • Managing the content of your document headers (invoices, purchase orders, etc.) which includes your logo, your text.

  • Configure your business. For example, currency, taxes, type of customers and suppliers, type of products, product specifications (weight, size, color, etc.)

  • Alert settings. For example, notify me of delinquent payments, unidentified products on my e-commerce site, stock shortages, etc.

To note! Your core business can be configured in the Parameters module by your company’s system administrator. Once configured, your software is ready for use.



Supplier folders – Delivery status – Payment terms – Banking information

  • Creating supplier folders (type of supplier, delivery status, payment terms, etc.)

  • Banking information.

  • Web descriptions.

To note! We can import your current database directly into the software. There is no need to recreate your list of suppliers.



Purchase orders and sales invoices – Replenishments – Product availability

  • Managing your supplier’s purchase orders.

  • Overview of your purchase order numbers.

  • Automatic order replenishment.

  • Stock status.

  • E-commerce configurations.

  • Managing your invoices and identifying duplications.

To note! Immediately upon placing an order, you will receive a list of products to be replenished by supplier. In one simple click, your order is sent to the supplier. Talk about efficiency!



Departments/Categories – Product files – References – Web descriptions – Images – Stock – Prices – Margins – Discounts – Inventories – Statistics – Bookkeeping

  • Managing your products: suppliers, referrals, descriptions, departments, variations, features, inventories, etc.

  • Detailed files with images and related documents.

  • Import of current product referrals.

  • Sales and promotions.

  • E-commerce configurations.

  • Stock management tool (transactions, safety stock, inventory).

  • Invoice bookkeeping, asset management, payments within a given period.

To note! Due to the bookkeeping feature, you will be able to extract your data in just a click of a mouse. This data can be integrated into an accounting management software such as Sage, EBP or SAP.



In store and online customer files – Customized discounts – Newsletter – Online account activation

  • Import of your current customer database.

  • Create customer files (type of client, delivery address, invoicing, etc.)

  • Customized discounts (Group, special discounts).

  • Export a list of customers that have accepted to receive a newsletter for marketing purposes.

To note! Your in-store and online shoppers are consolidated in the software.


SALES Module

Sales at the checkout counter – Register – Barcode – Scanner – Receipts – Gift cards – Payments – Quotes – Purchase orders – Delivery slips – Invoices – Credits – Stock and status synchronization

  • Cash register software.

  • Barcode reader with help of a scanner.

  • Issuing sales receipts.

  • Issuing gift receipts.

  • Online order management.

  • Managing quotes, invoices, purchase orders, delivery receipts and credit notes.

  • Immediate stock status update of your store and e-commerce site.

  • Sales statistics. For example, your in-store and online sales numbers, margin percentage, your best selling products, etc.

To note! If your customer appears in store after having made an online purchase, you can pull up their information in just one click and quickly issue a gift receipt, a quote, a sales receipt, a credit or process an order.



Alerts – Thresholds – Reminders

  • Ability to activate alerts or reminders.

  • Completely customizable to meet your needs.

To note! Frequently used features are notifications for unpaid bills, stock shortages, products pending web activation.

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