Retailer ? E-tailer ? Simplify your life !

The GEnI Business management software is the real-time solution you’ve been waiting for, allowing to consolidate your physical store’s data with your e-commerce site.

Simple, intuitive and economical !

What's GEnI?

The GEnI Business management software was developed in 2012 by S2i Evolution and commercialized in 2013. It is a business management software developed in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), meaning it is available through internet subscription service, therefore a license for usage is not required.

How it works is simple: managing a business (physical store) that is linked to a new or recently launched e-commerce site. In other words, GEnI is a software that will enable you to centralize suppliers’ data, purchase orders, inventories, product catalogues, customers, sales, statistics and bookkeeping of both your physical store and e-commerce site. GEnI also includes a check-out module which will in short, help simplify your life since you’ll only need one software to maintain your store and e-commerce site: GEnI Business.

GEnI meets your current business needs with the ability to evolve

The software can be installed upon the development of a new business, or it can adapt to a pre-existing business by incorporating the available data. It can be tailored as new point-in-sales are generated. Lastly, the system’s data can flow from the web to the physical store and vise-versa.

GEnI manages several point-in-sales in real-time

Prevent delay: As soon as there’s a purchase order, regardless from where, the inventory is updated in real-time. A system will notify you when inventory is running low, prompting you to refill your orders accordingly.

GEnI is a web based service

GEnI is designed to meet new mobile demands: Available on the web, it meets the qualifying “cloud” conditions. Therefore, it is accessible through an authenticated sign-in portal, from any location. This is practical, for instance, it has the ability to take purchase orders at trade shows or from various websites.

The software is configured to all types of stores and compatibles with e-commerce sites developped by PrestaShop.

Who is GEnI for? Let's explore.

GEnI was created for all sales professionals. Do you generate sales at the check-out counter? Do you own one or multiple boutiques? Have you just launched an online business?  This software is the right solution for you. With vertical business expertise, GEnI will benefit you in many ways:

  • Save time, so you can focus on growing your business or work on other projects.
  • Provides efficient file maintenance (customers, articles, photos, costs, inventory, etc) : Avoid duplicating your work!
  • Optimizing your e-commerce product catalogue.
  • Eliminate problems related to frequent and repetitive stock shortages and discrepancies.
  • Improve customer profile tracking by consolidating your in store and online customer database into one unique software
  • Synchronize all your data (purchase orders, inventory, deliveries) in real-time

GEnI, what's in it for me?

GEnI is constantly evolving, you will be able to benefit from the latest technology and will remain up-to-date on web trends.

Don’t forget: No investment required, no license installments or repetitive and inconvenient system updates. It is simply a monthly subscription that will guarantee you full access to the software.

Everything will become simple and secure: You will centralize your data, you will gain access to real-time activity from any PC, tablet or smartphone. You will save time to focus on your sales activity.

“GEnI is constantly evolving and remains abreast with the latest technology trends so you don’t have to. GEnI makes it easy.”

GEnI, how does it work?


Free trial without subscription. We will send you a password. If you are pleased, “hopla” (“let’s go” in Alsatian) on to the next step !


Contact us or your e-commerce web provider. Together we will explore the possibility to implement GEnI business solution for your company.


Does it meet your needs?  We will validate our agreement. We will collect your data (customers, suppliers, products) and grant you online access.

How about a free trial of your new software?

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